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This is the e-portfolio I created while pursuing my MS in Predictive Analytics at DePaul University.
It contains artifacts from my coursework.
I'm glad I did this: it was a nice way to document the journey. Enjoy the ride....

My resume and courses I have taught.

IS549 - Data Warehousing (Dr. Lu Zhang, Fall 2010)

IS567 - Knowledge Discovery Technologies (Dr. Daniela Stan Raicu, Winter 2011)

ECT587 - Mobile Commerce Technology (Prof. Gene Backlin, Spring 2011)

CSC578 - Neural Networks and Machine Learning (Dr. Noriko Tomuro, Fall 2011)

CSC575 - Intelligent Information Retrieval (Dr. Bamshad Mobasher, Winter 2012)

CSC495 - Introduction to Social Computing (Dr. Robin Burke, Spring 2012)

MKT534 - Analytical Tools for Marketers (Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Fall 2012)

CSC425 - Time Series Analysis and Forecasting (Dr. Raffaella Settimi-Woods, Winter 2013)

  • I wrote a SAS macro to simplify backtesting of a time series model, and my professor now includes it in her backtesting handout.
  • Time Series Analysis of Retail Sales Data. Final project.

ECT584 - Web Data Mining for Business Intelligence (Dr. Jonathan Gemmell, Spring 2013)

CSC555 - Mining Big Data (Dr. Alexander Rasin, Fall 2013)

CSC480 - Artificial Intelligence I (Dr. Jonathan Gemmell, Winter 2014)

CSC424 - Advanced Data Analysis (Dr. Jonathan Gemmell, Spring 2014)

  • Course project Multivariate analysis techniques (CCA, PCA, LDA, and clustering) using R Studio.

CSC478 - Programming Data Mining Applications (Dr. Bamshad Mobasher, Fall 2014)

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