Cellulitis March 2007

On March 2, 2007 I traveled to BSA Camp Belzer in Indianapolis, IN for a weekend of adult scout leader training. My weekend was, however, cut short when I came down with cellulitis and ended up being transported by one of the staff to a hospital in Indianapolis where I spent the next 72 hours. Bummer.

The side of my leg on Monday (day 3)

The front of my leg on Monday (day 3)
Still in the hospital in Indianapolis.

The back of my leg on Tuesday (day 4)
I got discharged that evening.

The back of my leg on the following Tuesday (day 11)
before being readmitted to the hospital.

The back of my leg on Saturday (day 15)
Probably MRSA staph. Can't be sure as by this time
I've had a lot of antibiotics. It doesn't hurt, but it sure is ugly!
I was discharged for the second time that day.
I have to continue outpatient IV antibiotic therapy from Sunday March 18 thru Thursday March 29, as well as take a second oral antibiotic. Stubborn stuff!

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