Gould Mesa - Dec 30-31, 2008

On Tuesday, December 30, 2008 I would be going to backpacking to Gould Mesa with my cousin Bob, his son Daniel, and my nephew Manuel. But first I would be attending a mini-reunion luncheon for my old cross country team. So Bob, Dennis and Manuel went ahead of me and I met them at the campground, arriving about two hours after they did and shortly before dark (which is why there are no pictures of the hike in.) Also at the camp was Patti Kulesz, whom I had met at this same campground three years ago.

#1 - Cal Hi Cross Country alumni: (L-R) Bob Kuenzig '77, Mike Edwards '76, Dave Keck '78, Coach Lew Jones, Don Allen '78.

#2 - Cal Hi Cross Country alumni: (L-R) Joe Arias '74, Dan McMillan '76, Mike Lozano '75. Also Mike's son Matthew.

#3 - Daniel questions his father's fire building expertise. We would all do the same at some point over the next 18 hours.

#4 - Manuel preps his bedding.

#5 - Bob is woken up by the sound of my stove and wonders what a guy has to do to get a cup of coffee around here.

#6 - Manuel survived the night!

#7 - Bob is determined to have a good fire.

#9 - Me.

#12 - We camped next to Christian, who was on the 71st day of a spiritual quest. We had a nice long talk. He is very knowledgable about the Bible and about religion. We discussed the Book of Mormon and he was very intrigued with the story of the Jaredites and with the Pearl of Great Price, and said he would look forward to reading them. Christian, I wish you the very best. I hope you find what you are looking for. I bear witness that the Book of Mormon is scripture. Continue to be suspicious of coincidences.

#14 - Us guys.

#16 - This is Patti, whom I met at this same spot three years ago. She is planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2009.

#18 - Hiking out.

#19 - The Arroyo Seco is always beautiful.

#20 - Blaze of glory.

#21 - I showed Daniel and Patti a primitive shelter built by one of Christopher Nyerges' survival courses.

#22 - Bob and Daniel at Teddy's Outpost picnic area.

#23 - I love that rock behind Manuel.

#24 - Lunch at Jack in the Box on Windsor Ave.

#25 - Manuel enjoys a burger. And on the way home he enjoyed a nap.
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