Chantry Flats to Hoegees Trail Camp

January 2, 2009

Today I hiked from Chantry Flats to Hoegees. I hiked with Cristy, whom I have known since the fourth grade. We took the Upper Winter Creek trail from Chantry Flats to Hoegees, then the (Lower) Winter Creek trail from Hoegees to Chantry Flats. About six miles round trip. January 2nd, and I am hiking in shorts and a t-shirt! I love Southern California!

To get to Chantry Flats, take the 210 freeway to Santa Anita Avenue and drive up into the mountains. Chantry Flats is at the end of Santa Anita Avenue.

#1. The route begins above the picnic grounds at Chantry Flats. You can see the some of the climbing that lies ahead.

#2. This is where the Upper Winter Creek trail meets the service road.

#3. It was a beautiful morning, though slightly hazy.

#6. A view back to Chantry Flats. What you are seeing is mostly fog.

#8. I think this is looking towards Newcomb's Pass.

#9. More climbing ahead.

#10. The shaded portions of the trail were quite lush.

#11. I love random rocks of unusual size.

#13. Cristy at one of the cabin ruins at Hoegees trail camp.

#14. There were no campers at the campsite. close to L.A. and on a holiday weekend.

#15. I needed my sweatshirt while we took a break at the Hoegees, but I took it off soon after we started hiking again.

#16. Another random rock of unusual size. I love the San Gabriel mountains!

#18. Enchanting.

#19. We followed the creek from Hoegees to Roberts camp.

#20. Random trail shot with creek.

#21. Cristy rejoices at making it across the creek without a repeat of her earlier face plant.

#22. Flood control dams built in what many would consider a less enlightened age.

#23. Trailside cave.

#24. The cave was about twenty feet deep.

#25. Gotta love the creeks in the San Gabriels.

#26. The last half mile or so is up a steep paved service road. Cristy expresses her dissatisfaction.

#27. No one likes this part.

#28. We made it!

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