Millard Canyon - February 2, 2008

Last October I attended my 30 year high school reunion. Many of us had such a great time reconnecting that we promised to do it again before another 30 years had passed. I made arrangements to travel to California for the weekend and several of us got together for a short hike to Millard Canyon falls in the San Gabriel mountains. This trek was more about smiles than miles!

We are all alumni of California High School in Whittier, California. (L-R) Wendy Arrington '74, Lark (Frieze) Hickey '75, Dan McMillan '76, Ida (Qualls) Arias '76, Bill Qualls '74, Cristy (Estrada) Atherton '74, Jim Danielsen '73.

Calhi Cross Country alumni Dan McMillan, Jim Danielsen, Bill Qualls, Coach Lew Jones. Coach was unable to join us for the hike, but it was sure nice of him to stop by to say hello. Thanks, Coach.

There has been a lot of rain. I had earlier suggested another hike, but then decided on this one thinking the waterfall would be nice and there would be fewer water crossings. I was half right.

Now what?

Lark (Frieze) Hickey

Brother and sister.

One of many crossings. All were envious of Jim's long legs.

Ready, go...

Made it!

Cristy makes a leap of faith.

Always, yes always, a smile.

I get nervous when there are lots of crossings with lots of people. With so much jumping, someone is gonna get hurt. So I just stood in the water at each crossing and helped as best I could.

If you had heard Lark's prayer over lunch, you'd be convinced this woman has sufficient faith to walk on water.

Wendy's pant legs are still dry, and they somehow managed to stay that way.

This is the first time Ida has gone hiking with me. At this point she is questioning her decision.

I love you this much!

We made it. Lots of mist from the falls.

Wendy, you look mahvelous!

So much water!

In comparison, this is how much water there was on first visit here last October.

Conquering Condors!


Requisite photo of the photographer.

Nice place with nice people. As good as it gets.

Great ladies.

Peanut M&Ms...thanks, Wendy!

"Cristy, look at the camera."

I love my sister.

I got nothing.

Dan and I were co-captains on the cross country team. Always good for a laugh then. Always good for a laugh now.

Me and Ida

We'll make a mountain mama outta her yet!

Cristy...still smiling.



Potluck picnic.

Muchos munchies.

Enough for an army...and I ate a platoon's worth.

Lark passes around the gingerbread.

Cristy talking...a common sight. I love it!

The sun came out from behind the clouds and we had a wonderful picnic.

Thank you God! Thank you friends! I love you all!

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