Islip Saddle Trailhead to Mt. Islip
August 17, 2005

I got a late start today...probably wouldn't have gone at all without a friendly nudge from my office manager...thanks Bessie! I left my sister's home in Garden Grove at about 9am and didn't arrive at the trailhead until about 11:30am. (Your time may driving has been compared to that of Driving Miss Daisy.) There were two other cars at the trailhead when I arrived. Nevertheless, I did not see anyone on the trail. I had it all to myself. My route would take me from Islip Saddle Trailhead (elev. 6593) to Little Jimmy Trail Camp (elev. 7500) to Mt. Islip (elev. 8250) to Windy Gap to Little Jimmy Springs to Little Jimmy Trail Camp to Islip Saddle Trailhead. About seven miles round trip. I took my time and was back at my car around 4:00pm. Time well spent.
Upon leaving the trailhead there is initially a steep ascent.
In short order, there are striking views of the desert to the north.
The view to Mt. Williamson.
Pine cones within arm's reach of the trail.
Little Jimmy Trail Camp, 2.1 miles from the trailhead, at an elevation of 7500 ft. I first camped here in 1968 with BSA troop 688 of Whittier, California. It makes my heart sing that this camp is just as I remember it.
Me at Little Jimmy Trail Camp.
This trail sign is located one tenth of a mile below Mt. Islip. I took this picture because I had no idea this trail exisited. It says: Islip Ridge Trail - Big Cienega Trail 0.8 - Crystal Lake 4.7    I'll save that for another day.
Crystal Lake from Mt. Islip.
Mt. Williamson from Mt. Islip.
Mt. Baden-Powell (center, distant) from Mt. Islip.
Mt. Islip was used by the Forest Service as a fire lookout in 1927. This cabin was the living quarters.
Me on Mt. Islip.
Heading back to Islip Saddle. The yellow arrow indicates the location of my next surprise...
I walked right past this rattlesnake. He was about a foot off the trail. I caught him in my peripheral vision. He was already coiled. He could have nailed me had he been so inclined. I was lucky.
Sorry...he didn't wait around for pictures.
Looking down on the parking lot at the Islip Saddle trailhead. Heading home.
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