Vacation 2011 - Nyerges Survival Walk

August 06, 2011

This is part 3 of my 2011 vacation (see parts [1], [2], and [4]). Whenever I am in California I try to attend one of Christopher Nyerges' survival walks. These half-day outings in the San Gabriel mountains are very worthwhile. Of particular interest to me on this outing was the identification and sampling of many seeds found within the Arroyo Seco. Seeds are, of course, an important source of protein. I guess I haven't attended one of these outings at this time of year before: the timing was right for learning about the seeds. This is a good example of why you should attend courses of this type at all times of the year: things change!

After a few hours the group stopped to learn how to make a net. At that time I took leave of the group as I really wanted to visit Gould Mesa. I'm glad I did. I was pleased to see the area from JPL to Gould Mesa was spared during the devastating Station Fire two years ago, at least the canyon bottoms. But I have to say things looked different than the last time I was here: there has clearly been some significant flooding.

Basket bush -- used later in a simple weaving demonstration. [01]

Basket bush -- resembles and sometimes grows next to, poison oak. [02]

Eucalyptus -- the white nodes are edible. Sweet. Some kind of insect excrement? [03]

I didn't even recognize this as dead mustard plant. [04]

Separating mustard seed from chaff. [05]

Some of the group. [06]

Chia. Gently rub pod over your palm and seeds will fall out. [07]

Chia (Golden Chia?) [08]

Christopher and Gary gather yucca for twining. [09]

Rice grass? [10]

Rice grass? [11]

Lambsquarter seed. [12]

Lemonade berry. VERY SOUR! Can put in canteen with water for flavoring. [13]

Christopher. [14]

Gary and K.O. [15]

Billy making yucca rope. [16]

Christopher demoing yucca rope. [17]

K.O. making yucca rope. [18]

Gary showing K.O. how to make yucca rope. [19]

Beautiful spot on a beautiful day. [20]

Beautiful spot on a beautiful day. [21]

Christopher demos basket weaving. [22]

Function over form. :-) [23]

Basket weaving bewilderment. [24]

Christopher gathers seed from narrow leaf plantain. [25]

Elderberry. [26]

Water faucet about half way to Gould Mesa. One of my favorite pictures is at this very spot with my daughters and granddaughters. [27]

Shortly after the water faucet I said good bye to the group. I wanted to continue on to Gould Mesa, a personal favorite. [28]

Gould Mesa. [29]

Me at Gould Mesa. [30]

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