Christopher Nyerges Survival Meet-up

December 21, 2013

Whenever I come home to Southern California, I try to include one of Christoper Nyerges' survival walks. Today was more of a meet-up than a walk. Lots of skills were demonstrated, some survival kits shown, and I had a chance to see some old friends and make a few new ones. It was a very pleasant day. If you have any interest in survival or primitive skills, you really need to attend some of Christopher's outings. You will learn more skills by attending four or five of his Saturday walks than you will by attending a three week course at one of the big name, big dollar survival schools.

Christopher demonstrates fire making with flint and steel and steel wool. [001]

Jeff Martin demonstrates fire making with the hand drill. This was my first time meeting Jeff. Nice guy. [002]

Blowing the coal to a flame. [003]

Gary Gonzales demonstrates how to set up a bird trap. I had not seen this done before. Very cool. Begin with two sticks and with two pieces of cord going to opposite corners. [004]

Bird trap assembly. Insert two sticks under string, going left to right. Then insert two more sticks , going top to bottom. Repeat, two sticks at a time, alternating. [005]

Bird trap assembly done. [006]

Close up of the trigger stick(s). [007]

The trigger supports the basket. When your prey touches the string, the trigger fails and basket falls. (Thanks for the outstanding demonstration, Gary.) [008]

Gary also demonstrated a spring snare. Tie one end of strong cordage to an overhead branch which will later by pulled down to provide the force. [016]

Pound in two stakes, about 18 inches apart here, one of which has a fork in it. [017]

Testing the forked stick -- it must be able to hold up against the pull of the branch which will be pulled down. [018]

The completed spring snare. [009]

Closeup of spring snare trigger. Spring tension on the smaller piece means that piece wants to turn in, but it cannot because the longer stick is holding it in place...until something steps on that longer stick. [010]

Alah Halcon demonstrated this trigger. I had never seen this one before. [011]

Another view of the trigger assembly. A square notch on the horizontal piece is all that keeps the vertical pieces from separating. [012]

Jim Robertson sets up a deadfall trap. [013]

Thirteen year old Stephan Richardson shows the contents of his survival pack. ("Who's Jim Robertson?") [014]

Tony, who I met for the first time three years ago, shows the contents of his shoulder bag survival kit. (Real good to see you again Tony!) [015]

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