Learning Semaphore

The Fox Valley District Fall Camporee will be held at the scout ranch on October 24-26, 2003. The theme for the camporee is "Back to Basics", and one of the events is semaphore signalling. The rules for that event are as follows:
  • I will provide the semaphore flags.
  • Each patrol will choose two patrol members for this event.
  • Each of those two will be given a 10-letter phrase to send to me; for example "DUSTY BAKER" or "THE CUBS WIN".
  • There will be a one point deduction for each incorrect letter.
  • Take your time! This is not a timed event. Accuracy is more important. If you are unsure of a letter, hold the current letter until you can move to the next letter with confidence.
  • Have fun!
The following illustrations will assist you in teaching and/or learning semaphore.
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