Starved Rock Hike
January 1, 2003

I went hiking at Starved Rock State Park this morning. I hiked from the lodge to Council Overhang and back (10 miles round trip). It was cold (30 degrees with 20mph winds) but I had a good time. It was a great way to start the new year. I wonder how many people were nursing hangovers this morning ... I'd rather be hiking!
Starved Rock as seen from the lodge.
Lovers Leap as seen from Starved Rock. Dam on Illinois River.
Plum Island (?) as seen from Starved Rock.
Abandoned houseboat on Plum Island as seen from Starved Rock.
Need some help...what is it? I think it is chokecherry.
An extensive boardwalk network throughout the park is really a necessity to protect both the environment and the tourists. Hiking on wet oak leaves on sandstone is a disaster waiting to happen!
Starved Rock as seen from Lovers Leap.
Dam on Illinois River as seen from Lovers Leap.
Illinois River as seen from Eagle Cliff.
Eagle Cliff as seen from the riverside trail.
You can't tell it from this photo, but this is usually a waterfall, about thirty feet high. All waterfalls throughout the park were dry.
This is a great time of year to hike this park. Many of the rock formations are hidden in the summer by the dense vegetation.
Frozen stream below dry waterfall.
This pine tree will eventually break off a huge chunk of the cliff!
Council Overhang. This is huge!
Beautiful yellow hues on the ceiling of Council Overhang.
I ate lunch at Council Overhang.
Heating an MRE over my Trangia alcohol stove.
More of the vertical landscape. Near Council Overhang.
Another dry waterfall. Near Council Overhang.
Mountain climbing, Illinois style.
Back at the parking lot after 10 miles...eagles carved into tree.
Raccoons carved into tree.
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