Starved Rock Hike
November 24, 2006

Cliff Anderson and Jamie Mather joined me for this hike at Starved Rock State Park on the day after Thanksgiving. This was so much more fun than shopping! The weather was unseasonably warm: hiking in t-shirts at the end of November...incredible! (Previous hikes 2003 2004)
Cliff, Jamie and Bill on Starved Rock with Plum Island in the background. We saw an eagle in flight from this point.
We were coming down off Starved Rock when we ran into John and JoAnn Greenwood from our church! Small world!
View from Lovers Leap to Starved Rock and Plum Island.
The River Trail just below Eagle Overlook.
Jamie and Cliff at Wildcat Canyon.
Sandstone Point.
Cliff and Jamie at Sandstone Point.
The Bluff Trail approaches the rim and provides nice views of narrow canyons.
This was Jamie's first time hiking here. She was really digging the geology. (Bad pun.)
One of many beautiful outcrops that are not so visible in the summer due to the foliage.
Jamie is impressed with LaSalle Canyon.
Jamie and Cliff approach the falls and pool at LaSalle Canyon.
Jamie just being Jamie.
Waterfall you can walk behind. (bz)
Pretty cool, huh Jamie?
From the inside looking out.
A narrow slot where the cliff will eventually give way.
This so beats the crowds of shoppers at the malls!
Me. Board.
Jamie enjoys Council Overhang.
And so does Cliff.
Sharing some survival skills: team fire-by-friction.
We got smoke within seconds.
A self-sustaining coal...the coal is the goal!
We made it...Jamie enjoys the carvings found at the parking lot.
Thanks Cliff and Jamie. You guys are wonderful hiking companions.
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