Texas Hoodlums

October 4-6, 2013

The Texas Hoodlums is a group of survival and primitive skills enthusiasts who get together on occasion for fun and fellowship. Sometimes they even let someone from Illinois join them. On October 4, 2013 Gerry (Misanthrope) and I flew from Chicago to San Antonio. We were met there by Luke Swenson and his dear wife Kimberly. Luke and Kim drove us to the gathering which was held at Sulphur Springs campground near Bend, TX.

Texas Hoodlums always extend a warm welcome. [001]

Luke unwinds from his drive, with Jeremy, Rich, and Gerry. [002]

Warner and Katja. [003]

Jeremy. A fine craftsman. [004]

Kimberly and Rich, with Luke, Erin, and Ethan in the background. [005]

Erin, Ethan, and Luke. [006]

Charlie. Happy and healthy. [007]

Gerry telling war stories while others listen intently. [008]

Rich always has good gear. [009]

Mmmm...Texas... Jeremy and Rich were very generous in sharing brittles and vittles. Jeremy even brought soft drinks for me. Thanks, guys. [010]

A walk along the road between the river and the bluffs. [011]

Nests of mud on the side of the bluffs. [013]

Nests of mud on the side of the bluffs. [012]

Warner tending to his friend. [014]

Returning to camp. [015]

Charlie. You had to be there.... [016]

Gerry practicing law. [017]

Warner and friend. [018]

This was cool! I never saw one of these before. It's a fire disc, or a wok-like pan made from the disc of a plow. Rebar for legs and handles. Great for cooking over the fire. (More later.) [019]

Four wheel drive only, and no guarantees if it rains. [020]

Our second walk. Rich. [021]

Large water hole. [022]

Me. [023]

I bought a new knife from Luke. I love knives and Luke makes some of the best. [024]

Warner and Katja and David. [025]

Erin and Ethan. Ethan is holding the spine of some small mammal. It would still flex. [026]

Charlie. [027]

Colorado River (The campground is near Colorado Bend State Park.) [028]

Warner and David at a well hidden natural spring. [029]

Me at the natural spring. This was pretty cool. [030]

Charlie with Katerina and her girls. [031]

What passes for an oak tree here in Texas. Gerry says, "I'm from Illinois, and I can tell you that is not an oak tree!" [032]

Jaw bone of some small mammal. [033]

How Katja looked after our walk. [035]

How Katja felt after our walk. [034]

Warner frying bacon on the fire disc. [036]

Fire in the hole! [037]

"That was cool!" (This was my only picture of Dr. Merriwether and his wife...sorry.) [038]

Warner scrambles some eggs in his fire disc. [039]

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