Marlinspike Skills Weekend
March 2-4, 2007

For the third year in a row I traveled to Camp Belzer in Indianapolis, IN for a weekend of adult scout leader knot tying training. This year I would be attending the "Marlinspike II" class. Whereas the basics course focuses on more practical knots and uses primarily manilla ropes, the "Marlinspike II" course focuses on more ornate knots and uses nylon ropes to create decorative lanyards. Both courses are highly recommended. My weekend was, however, cut short when I came down with cellulitis and ended up being transported by one of the staff to a hospital in Indianapolis where I spent the next 72 hours. Bummer. For more information see See also 2005 photos and 2008 photos.

Collection of staff staves.

Staff knotboard.

Lois and Denise.

One of the new knotheads - Paul.

Smile, Keith.

Keith shows the manrope knot.

Amazing what you can do with variations of the crown and wall knots!

One of the chief knotheads - Gary.

More of a dork than a knothead - my sister Lily.

The scene of my fall on the ice on Saturday morning. It was funny at the time. Not so funny when they were giving me morphine in the hospital for the headache!

Marlinspike II course objective.

The lanyard passes under your belt, then this loop goes over the star knot like a button.

Always plenty to eat at Marlinspike. God bless the quatermaster! (Hi Kim!)

Hi sis

The other chief knothead - Eric.

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