Mt. Baldy
May 15, 2004

This was my last full day of vacation in California so despite having already hiked the Gabrielino Trail and Mt. Wilson and the High Desert Trail and Mt. Baden-Powell, I just knew I had to get in one more hike before I returned to Illinois! So I made Mt. Baldy, aka Mt. San Antonio, elevation 10,064', my destination. It turned out to be the perfect choice!

I hadn't been to Mt. Baldy in 28 years: I camped on top of the mountain on the evening of America's Bicentennial - July 4, 1976! So when I arrived at the Manker Flat parking area, I wasn't exactly sure where to go.

I approached a fellow hiker, Russ Manion, and told him of my plans. He said, "Don't go that way (dirt road under the ski lifts), I'll show you a much better route." And so we teamed up for the ascent via the Sierra Club Ski Hut and Baldy Bowl. We were together for the entire hike. Today was a good day: a new trail and a new friend. Thanks again, Russ!

Here's a map of my route. Go here for a larger map. The hike from Manker Flat to Mt. Baldy via the Sierra Club Ski Hut is about 5 miles each way, with an elevation gain of about 3200'.
San Antonio Falls as seen from the trail.
The Baldy Bowl area and the Sierra Club Ski Hut.
Russ on the trail with his homemade ultralight gear.
Yours truly on the trail, basking in the glorious scenery.
The Sierra Club Ski Hut.
The hut sleeps 24 (it would be cozy!) There is also an outhouse.
Russ takes a break at the hut.
Yours truly at the hut.
Baldy Bowl area above the ski hut.
Spectacular view of Upland, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and more.
Looking down on Manker Flat.
Bill. I'm sweating, but I feel GREAT!
More of me. (This may come as a surprise to you, but some people actually ask for pictures of me! Huh, mom.)
The "scree" of Baldy Bowl. Russ says many people, including himself, actually climb UP the bowl in the winter. No, thank you!
Bill with hat hair.

Q: Why are there more pictures of Bill than of Russ?

A: Because it's Bill's web page!

We're almost to the top, at about 9600'.
Russ. Across the bowl you can see the Devil's Backbone trail which runs from Baldy Notch to the summit.
More Russ.
View to Baldy Notch.
We made it! Plaque at the summit.
View of Mt. Wilson from the summit. I was on Mt. Wilson eleven days ago. Go here for a report.
Mt. Baden-Powell from the summit of Mt. Baldy. I was on Mt. Baden-Powell two days ago. Go here for a report.
Mt. Baden-Powell from the summit of Mt. Baldy.
Looking towards Mt. San Gorgonio.
Lytle Creek area (foreground) and Interstate 15 at Cajon Pass (background).
Interstate 15 towards Victorville.
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